Sundials of Scotland (and other places)

Sundial Safaris (2)

This hunt started off at Oxenfoord Castle where there were four dials and then on to Pencaitland where there were three dials on the church, followed by a chance visit to Garvald where I stumbled upon the 1633 dial on the church.  A very fruitful day.

Whilst on a visit to No2 daughter in Milton Keynes, I recorded three sundials in Stony Stratford, Shenley Lodge and Campbell Park in Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes — October 2009

Mid/East Lothian — September 2009

I started putting this website together in September 2009 and intend to record my subsequent various hunts for sundials here.  Details of dials mentioned will be found in the Sundial Register.


On a visit to Melrose with friends, I spotted the dial on the reverse side of the Market Cross (Mercat Cross in Scotland).  I’d been there many times before, but never spotted the dial!

Melrose — October 2009

Another visit to East Lothian, to check out some dials missed on my last visit.  This time I recorded another six dials in Pencaitland, Inveresk, Nunraw and Haddington.

East Lothian — November 2009

I heard rumours of a sundial on the SW corner of the ruined church at Carnock, not 5 miles from my home — and there was.  A nice three faced dial on a corbal dated 1683.  One on the SE corner is missing.

Carnock — December 2009

North Berwick — December 2009

Whilst on a visit to North Berwick with friends I looked out the 1680 sundial on the ruined St Andrews Church just behind the High Street.  The other sundial I was told about that was situated on the harbour wall, turned out to be a direction indicator!

I took the opportunity to look for these three sundials on churches in Norwich whilst spending Christmas with No1 daughter in Norfolk.  I had passed by one of them many times before without realising that it was there.  I must remember to keep looking up!

Norwich — December 2009

This was a quick trip into Edinburgh to look up some sundials in the Liberton/Gilmerton areas.  I was successful with Liberton House.  At Inch House (now a Community Centre) the two stained glass sundials were no more and the two reported detached dials were missing.  In one case, in its position was a children’s playground and in the other case, a Council depot.  However there were two single face dials above the main entrance.  Moredun House was gone, its place taken by a very modern Erskine Home for ex Servicemen.  No trace of the sundial there either.

Edinburgh — January 2010

Another trip into Edinburgh to look for 4 dials in the Inverleith area.  I found 3 of them (Fettes, Inverleith Park and the Botanic Gardens).

Edinburgh — February 2010

Yet another trip to Edinburgh to look for the dials at Pilrig House and at Brighton Park in Portobello—both successful.

Edinburgh — March 2010

A trip to the outskirts of Edinburgh to see a fabulous obelisk dial.  The owner has asked me not to publicise his dial - so no further details I’m afraid.

Edinburgh — March 2010

A visit to Strathmiglo in Fife to view the dial on the Town House and a surprise huge 5m x 5m dial in Perth whilst having a walk along the riverside.

Various — April 2010

A great trip to the centre of Edinburgh to see 7 sundials, including a surprise one. Did I see the sundial on the Canongate Tolbooth—was it a sundial?

Edinburgh — April 2010

I went to West Linton to find the sundial by James Gifford, master 17th century stonemason.  I found it and another similar one virtually next door!

West Linton — April 2010

A visit to All Saints Church where there are supposed to be five sundials.  Unfortunately the church was covered in scaffolding and I saw only one, plus another in the High Street

Leighton Buzzard — April 2010

A visit to a number of locations in the Borders to see 12 sundials—including 8 on churches, 2 on market crosses and another 2 on houses. A great trip.

Scottish Border Churches — June 2010

Another trip to the Borders as well as East Lothian and Berwick upon Tweed to see 4 sundials—3 on churches (including the churchyard where Jim Clark the racing driver is buried) and 1 on a house.

East Lothian and Scottish Border Churches — July 2010

A visit to see an exquisite sundial on the face of the church.  The lead sundial is framed by thistles, gilding and flowers with polished pebbles at their heart.

Stormontfield, Perth & Kinross — July 2010

Two old sundials can be seen in the gardens of this house which is only open to the public for half a day a year under Scotland’s Garden Scheme.

Newhall, Midlothian — July 2010

I saw 7 sundials on this trip both north and south of the River Tay. Four of them were at a location where the owner asked for the details not to be published.

Perth & Kinross — July 2010

There were two sundials including a much altered obelisk sundial at this British Army base.

Craigiehall, Edinburgh — July 2010

A visit to Attadale Gardens where I was aware of a new 35 ft sundial, but there was also a surprise ancient one from the late 18th/early 19th century.

Attadale, Highland — August 2010

A journey to the environs of Edinburgh to see two dials plus a column where the dial was reported to be missing and also to the City Observatory in the centre of Edinburgh (and to see the street performers at the Edinburgh Festival).

Edinburgh — August 2010